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Building Breathing


On The 19th of May 2009 at 2.00 pm all the doors in the BRANDTS-complex were opened closing again at 3.00 pm. The opening of the doors included: every door in the kunsthalle, the museum of photo art, the media museum, the Passage and Gateway buildings (administration buildings), the Funen Art Academy, the post office, the cafes, businesses and restaurants. The work included the whole building from private businesses to all of the independent public institutions and could be experienced throughout the building. On the fourth floor landing, a beamer was projecting a text animation directly onto the wall consisting of two fading sentences saying: Every door in the building is open, The building is breathing. The building was kept open for one hour and was documented from an airplane flying over the building while it was open.

In collaboration with Daniel Mikilati.

Documentation of the work 'Building Breathing' by Dan Stockholm Documentation of the work 'Building Breathing' by Dan Stockholm